I was delighted to have been asked by a national real estate online publication, Real Estate Bees, to share my insights into getting a real estate license in Louisiana.

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Read how to get a real estate license in Louisiana

The article titled “How to Get a Real Estate License in Louisiana” tackles all the requirements aspiring real estate agents need to become a licensed salesperson or broker in Louisiana.

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This is part of an ongoing series of surveys conducted by Real Estate Bees on the licensing process in different states. Real Estate Bees is an online real estate training, technology, and marketing education website.

For this article, survey participants composed of long-time realtors like myself weighed in on topics like the methods to take the pre-licensing course, the pros and cons of each format, real estate exam difficulty, and more.


The Cost to Get your Real Estate License in Louisiana

We were also asked about our opinion on how much it costs to get a license and how long it took us to complete the licensing process and obtain our license.

As far as license costs are concerned, I gave details on the expenses it cost me after getting licensed and the fees that could have been avoided.


Sharing my experience

I shared my experience with the format I took to complete my pre-licensing coursework. I also gave tips on how applicants can pass the Louisiana real estate exam on their first attempt.

How to Prepare for the Real Estate License Process

I encourage you to read the article in detail to get an idea of the licensing process, the budget you must prepare for, and the timeline to earn your license in LA.  

Overcoming Challenges

The knowledge that my fellow experienced realtors provided will help you overcome any challenges you encounter when obtaining your own LA real estate license.

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