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Rent out your swimming pool. If someone would have told me this would exist 10 years ago, I would not have believed it. An Airbnb for pools. It is indeed here, and I am in love with the concept!

In the summer of 2020, a new and innovative platform called Swimply burst onto the scene and changed how people think about pool ownership. Swimply is an Airbnb of swimming pools, allowing owners to rent out their pools for rent and guests to escape the summer heat and enjoy the luxury of a private pool by the hour or a whole day. 

It’s a unique concept that has gained popularity among pool owners and those who don’t have a pool but want to experience the joy of swimming and lounging by the poolside. Bringing in some extra money for renting your pool out is not bad, either.

Article at a Glance

  • Swimply is an innovative platform where pool owners can rent out their underutilized swimming pools, offering a private swimming experience.
  • This sharing economy model, similar to Airbnb, provides income opportunities for owners and affordable recreation for those without a private pool.
  • The platform ensures safety and satisfaction with verification procedures, an easy-to-use interface, and dedicated customer support.

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What is Swimply?

Swimply is an online marketplace that connects pool owners with individuals looking to rent a pool by the hour. Whether you want to dip your toes in the water, throw a pool party, or relax and unwind in the sun, it offers a wide range of pools near you to suit your needs to rent per hour.

The way Swimply works

The platform allows pool owners to list their backyard pools and provide details such as availability, pricing, and amenities. Guests can then browse the listings, find and book a local private pool for a specific date and time. The entire process is conducted through the app, making it convenient and user-friendly for hosts and guests.

The areas Swimply can be found

Swimply is continuously expanding its reach and availability. While it might not be available in all areas, it is rapidly growing and adding new locations regularly. To find out if Swimply is available in your area, download the app and check the available pool listings near you.

Requirements to list a pool

To list your pool on the app, there are a few requirements that you need to meet.

  • You need to be the legal owner of the pool and have the authority to rent it out
  • Ensure your pool meets safety standards
  • Carry proper insurance coverage
  • You must provide accurate and detailed information about your pool, including its location, size, amenities

How to rent a private pool

If you’re a pool owner interested in earning extra money by renting out your pool, you’re in luck! There are numerous benefits to renting your pool, and listing your pool is quite simple.

Benefits to renting your pool

There are several benefits to renting your pool:

  • Earn some extra income by utilizing an asset you own
  • You can choose the days and times to make your pool available for rent
  • Swimply handles all the logistics and payments, making it a hassle-free experience for pool owners
  • You can control who rents your pool
  • Set any specific rules or guidelines you want guests to follow

The process of listing a pool

The process of listing your pool is straightforward. First, you must create an account on the app and provide basic information about yourself and your pool. Once your account is set up, you can list your pool by providing location, size, amenities, and pricing details. You can also add some eye-catching photos to attract potential renters. Once your listing is live, interested guests can start making reservations and bookings.

Ready to rent your pool?

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Ensuring the safety of a pool and liability issues

Safety should be a top priority as a pool owner when renting out your pool. Ensuring your pool meets all the necessary safety standards and has proper insurance coverage is important. You should also clearly communicate any rules or regulations that guests must follow to avoid accidents or injuries. Additionally, Swimply provides liability insurance for hosts, adding an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Advantages of using Swimply

If you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable swimming experience, Swimply offers several advantages over traditional pool rentals.

The money you can earn

There is money in the dirt

While the income you can earn by renting your pool will depend on location, demand, and availability, many pool owners have reported earning a significant income through the platform. By strategically pricing your pool rental and offering attractive amenities, you can attract more guests and increase your earning potential.

The safety of renting a pool

Safety is of utmost importance to Swimply. The platform ensures hosts’ and guests’ safety and well-being. Pool owners must comply with safety regulations and provide accurate information about their pools. Guests are encouraged to adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the pool owners to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Alternatives to Swimply

While Swimply is the leading platform in the pool rental market, there are a few alternatives that you can consider. Some popular alternatives include FlipFlop, Rented Swim, and Pool Time. Each platform has unique features and offerings, so it’s worth exploring them to find the one that best suits your needs.

The Booking Process

The booking process on Swimply is designed to be seamless and convenient for both hosts and guests.

Finding the perfect pool to rent

To find the perfect pool to rent, you can use the search function on the app. Enter your desired location, date, and time, and Swimply will display a list of available pools in that area. You can browse the listings, view photos and details, and choose the pool that best fits your needs and preferences.

Austin rental Swimply

Check out this amazing listing in Austin, Texas.

Reservations for specific time slots

When booking a pool, you can select a specific time slot that suits your schedule. Whether you want to spend a few hours basking in the sun or cool off with a refreshing swim, you can easily find a pool available during your preferred time.

Amenities usually offered with pool rentals

The amenities offered with pool rentals can vary from listing to listing. Some common amenities include Wi-Fi access, outdoor seating areas, barbecue grills, and bathroom access. The listing page will provide detailed information about the amenities offered with each pool, allowing you to choose the one with everything you need for a fantastic pool day.

Future plans for Swimply

Swimply has ambitious plans for the future and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users.

Upcoming features or improvements to the Swimply app

Swimply continuously improves its app and adds new features to enhance the user experience. Some upcoming features include enhanced search functionality, user reviews and ratings, and a streamlined booking process.

Swimply expanding to other countries

Yes, Swimply has plans to expand its operations to other countries. While it originated in the United States, it has expanded into other markets, such as Canada and Australia. Pool owners and guests worldwide can look forward to enjoying the benefits of Swimply in the near future.

How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Swimply

Like many businesses, Swimply has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the platform has taken measures to ensure the safety of its users. Pool owners must follow local guidelines and regulations regarding using their pools, and guests are encouraged to practice social distancing and adhere to hygiene protocols while using the pools. Swimply continues to monitor and adapt to the changing circumstances to provide everyone with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Swimply after Shark Tank?

They went on to be very successful. I bet the people are Shark Tank have some regret.

Is Swimply still in business?

Yes, and the company has grown tremendously!

How does Swimply work?

Swimply connects pool owners with people looking to rent a pool for a few hours. As a pool owner, you can list your pool on the app, set your availability and hourly rate, and wait for guests to book your pool. Guests can browse through pools listed in their area, read reviews, and book a pool that suits their needs.

Can anyone list their pool?

Anyone with a private pool can list it. Whether you have a small backyard or a large luxurious pool, Swimply welcomes all types of pools.

Are there any requirements to list a pool?

To list your pool, it should be well-maintained and comply with local regulations regarding pool safety and hygiene. You can find more information about the requirements on the Swimply website.

How much does the average person earn on simply?

The amount of money you can earn through Swimply depends on factors such as the location of your pool, the amenities you offer, and the demand in your area. Some pool owners have reported earning hundreds of dollars daily during summer.

Are there any risks in renting out my pool?

While Swimply takes measures to ensure the safety of its users, there is always a certain level of risk associated with any activity involving water. Having proper liability insurance and providing clear guidelines and rules for guests using your pool is important.

Are there any alternative apps like Swimply?

Yes, other apps in the market offer similar niche services to Swimply. Some popular alternatives include Pools by the Hour, Pool Shown, and Hourly Pools. You can explore these alternatives to see which one suits your needs best.

Is Swimply available outside of the U.S.?

Yes, Swimply is available in several countries around the world. While it started in the U.S., it has expanded to countries like Canada and Australia. You can check the Swimply website or app to see if it’s available in your location.

Can I rent a pool for a specific event or occasion?

Absolutely! Swimply is a great option for hosting a birthday party, BBQ, or special event. To make your event extra special, you can find pools with amenities like BBQ grills, outdoor seating areas, and even water slides.

Can I leave a review for a pool I rented?

You can leave a review for the pool you rented. Sharing your experience and opinions can help other users decide when choosing a pool to rent.

What is Swimply?

Swimply is a mobile app that allows you to rent out your private pool by the hour, just like an Airbnb for pools. It’s a fun way to earn extra money and share the joy of swimming with others.


In conclusion, Swimply presents a win-win solution for both pool owners and those seeking a unique, private swimming experience.

Not only does it maximize the utility of underutilized resources, but it also fosters a sharing economy, promoting financial gain and affordable luxury.

With an emphasis on safety, user-friendly experience, and customer support, Swimply is set to redefine recreation in 2023.

I personally can’t wait to peruse the listings and see all the fun places I can visit nearby.

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