A small bathroom floor can have an unexpectedly big impact.

This small area can become a focal point of your tiny house bathroom. It all starts with the right tile for your small space.

Why be ordinary when you can be Amazing?

Join me as we explore some small bathroom floor tile ideas that can transform your tiny bathroom into a gorgeously practical and visually appealing area.

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Things to remember when considering Small Bathroom Floor tile ideas

Before making a tile selection, some thought about what you are working with needs to be given. That is where the pros and cons of a small bathroom floor must be reviewed.

✅ Pros of a Small Bathroom Floor

  • You should select a more upscale tile because you don’t have much space to work with.
  • Your floor can be a budget piece of art in your space.
  • You can select a bolder pattern for your space that won’t overwhelm the area.

❎ Cons of a Small Bathroom Floor

  • The pattern of a large format tile isn’t always seen in a smaller space.
  • Planning an intricate tile design can be harder with the size restrictions.
  • Choosing a different floor for the bathroom will visually define the space from the rest of the home.

Large format tiles are used in this small bathroom design strategy to provide a visibly larger and more cohesive space, along with the added advantages of modern design and easier upkeep.

This tile choice should be used when adding the same tile to the shower walls or ceiling. Otherwise, it will look out of place.

Limited space bathroom with white sink, toilet and large format tiles
Image Source ArtfulExplorations

If you’re working with a small space in your bathroom, a herringbone tile pattern can create a visually stunning and spacious feel, adding dynamic movement and a touch of elegance through various materials and colors​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Since the space is small, planning how the pattern will fall is key with this tile pattern.

Light gray herringbone pattern floor tiles lead into a white tiny bathroom, offering a sleek and elegant linear flow.
Image Source goodlifeofdesign.blogspot.com 

These tiles’ geometric shapes blend traditional and contemporary appeal, enhancing the bathroom’s visual intrigue.

As with the herringbone pattern, planning where the pattern will fall is key.

Small bathroom with black hexagon floor tiles, white subway wall tiles, wood floating shelves, and white cabinetry for a modern monochrome look.
Image Source nikkisplate.com 

Diagonal tile installation in small bathrooms cleverly creates the illusion of more space, drawing the eye along longer lines and adding a distinctive design element​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Installing a basic tile on a diagonal can create interest for the space on a budget.

Peach-toned square floor tiles set diagonally in a small bathroom, complementing a pale bathtub and soft-hued wall tiles.
Image Source North Shore Tile

These small, round tiles offer a mix of traditional charm and modern versatility, adding texture and slip resistance to the bathroom.

Penny tile is such a fun tile to use when creating floor designs.

Checkerboard tile patterns in small bathrooms offer a versatile and timeless design choice.

They create a striking visual impact with a range of color combinations and layout styles.

From classic black-and-white to innovative diagonal arrangements, they bring a touch of elegance and dynamism to any space.

A modern small bathroom with bold geometric black and white Checkerboard Pattern tiles, and matte black fixtures creating a chic contrast.
Image Source soulandlane.com 

These tiles combine the natural appearance of wood with porcelain’s durability and water resistance, making them suitable for diverse design themes.

Wood-look tile can give your bathroom a rustic feel depending on the tile’s finish.

A narrow small bathroom showcasing light wood cabinets, marble countertops, and a spacious glass-enclosed shower with large gray Wood-Look Porcelain Tiles.
Image Source budgetdumpster.com 

Incorporating these tiles can infuse your small bathroom with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, creating a culturally rich atmosphere.

Moroccan tiles are hard to do in a large space but a small space is the perfect canvas for them.

An airy small bathroom with intricate patterned Moroccan-Inspired Tiles, white subway shower tiles, and a touch of natural wood for a clean, serene vibe.
Image Source binged.it 

Terrazzo tiles feature a unique speckled design ideal for modern bathrooms, enhancing the space’s visual appeal and openness.

Terrazzo tiles are classic and really give you that modern and natural feel.

Minimalist terrazzo floors in subdued tones lend a contemporary chic to this small wash space, coupled with a sleek wooden vanity and a clean-lined glass shower separator.
Image Source tilen.space 

These luxurious tiles add sophistication to small bathrooms with their intricate designs and reflective quality.

Marble mosaic is pricey, so adding it to a small space will instantly create a luxurious feel.

Opulent Marble Mosaic Tiles grace this compact ensuite, harmonized with a pristine marble shower, exuding a spacious and refined atmosphere.
Image Source jenwoodhouse.com 

These tiles offer historic elegance and contemporary durability and give your small bathroom a distinctive look.

Subway tiles in small bathrooms are a versatile and timeless choice.

They offer a range of styles, from classic and elegant to bold and striking, and are easily adaptable in various colors and patterns to enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic​​​​.

Subway tile is not just for showers, backsplashes and walls. When you add it to the floor, it gives you a modern brick floor feeling.

A compact bath space with a neutral Subway Tiles path leading towards a cozy bedroom and features a clear glass enclosure with a muted brick wall.
Image Source bhg.com 

This classic tile pattern adds an element of refinement and elegance to small bathrooms, combining beauty with adaptability.

The basketweave tile would be too overwhelming in a regular size bathroom. It’s very busy. It works great in a small space because it creates just enough interest without taking over the spotlight.

The refined bathroom combines a subtle Basketweave Pattern floor with a classic pedestal sink and silver accents, creating a serene space with a touch of nostalgia
Image Source realhomes.com 

Adding geometric tiles to your little bathroom gives it a unique personality, as each form and color contributes a little bit more to the overall narrative.

Geometric patterns are so versatile and can help the floor be a budget artpiece.

Elegant geometric patterns on the floor enhance this small water closet, blending classic charm with modern sensibility in a compact area.
Image Source centsationalstyle.com 

Through stone-look porcelain tiles in your bathroom, you can have the best of both worlds: the beauty of real stone with the ease and affordability of porcelain.

Now stone-look tiles are just awesome if you are wanting the natural look but love visual interest.

These scallop-shaped tiles transform your bathroom into a whimsical, elegant space reminiscent of a mermaid lagoon.

The fish scale pattern is so much fun and has a personality of its own.

 The chic lavatory pairs a striking Moroccan Black Fish Scale Pattern with a crisp white shower, creating a modern, nautical-inspired look in a compact setting.
Image Source originalmissiontile.com 

Bright and unique patchwork tiles turn a small bathroom floor into a stylish statement of individuality.

To really create art, consider the patchwork tile. It would too overwhelming in a larger space.

A quaint washroom with vibrant multicolored Colorful Patchwork Floor Tiles and a classic freestanding tub, flanked by wood-paneled walls for a cottage aesthetic.
Image Source realhomes.com 

By skillfully combining comfort and elegance, using stone pebble tiles for your tiny bathroom floor creates a natural and calming atmosphere that is similar to the peaceful feeling of strolling on a pebble-covered beach.

If you have sensitive feet and love the small massage stones give, you definitely need a stone floor.

This snug and inviting bath space showcases a traditional pedestal sink with a charming pebble mosaic floor, offering a touch of nature indoors.
Image Source pebbletileshop.com 

Last but not least, by adding terra cotta tiles to your small bathroom, you’re enveloping the space in the comforting embrace of the earth and creating a quaint haven that combines rustic appeal and adaptability.

Terra Cotta screams natural yet sophisticated.

A cozy powder room features terracotta hexagon floor tiles and a glass-walled shower, enhancing the intimate space with warm tones and clean lines.
Image Source jennasuedesign.com 


Choosing tiles for small bathrooms is pivotal in enhancing spatial perception and injecting personal style into the space.

The atmosphere and usefulness of the bathroom can be greatly enhanced by carefully selecting the color, size, and pattern of the tiles, which can also make the space appear larger and more inviting.

It’s about striking a balance between functionality and beauty, so each tile choice and placement enhances the overall story of your home’s design.

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