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We are dedicated to promoting the tiny house movement, alternative housing, & accessory dwelling units.

Our mission is to empower & guide you
through downsizing into a
more affordable housing option.

Embrace the tiny home lifestyle &
minimalist living principles with us.

We deliver insights on products for
tiny houses, & highlight the use of ADUs.

We showcase tiny house tours to help
you live big in a small house.

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What to expect

Expect thorough & candid reviews on all things
related to tiny homes.

is the average cost
of a tiny home

of tiny house owners
don’t have a mortgage

of tiny homeowners
are over age 50

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You’re not alone with these questions.

The journey to a simpler, smaller living space is filled with challenges.

Whether finding the right design, adopting the minimalist lifestyle, dealing with zoning laws, or
making the most of every square inch,
I’ve been there.

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Imagine the possibilities: less cleaning, lower bills, and less tied to material things.

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My articles, guides, and tiny house tours offer a treasure trove of information on going tiny.

I am Erin, the founder of ReErin.com. I am a passionate advocate for the tiny house movement and your guide to embracing a life of simplicity and freedom.

With years of experience as a real estate agent and a deep dive into alternative housing, I’ve navigated the ins and outs of going tiny.

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My mission?

I want to help you transition smoothly into a tiny home that fits your lifestyle and values.

I believe in making informed, practical decisions that lead
to a happier, more sustainable way of life.

Here, you’ll find not just inspiration but actionable advice tailored to your tiny living journey.

Dive into my story, and let’s make your tiny house dream
a reality together.”

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Whether you’re deeply invested in making the switch or simply exploring the idea, I’m here to show you what it means to live big in a tiny home.

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