Struggling to split up your studio without breaking the bank? I get it.

Turning one room into a living, sleeping, and dining space sounds like a tall order, especially on a tight budget.

But here’s the good news: dividing your space creatively doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

I’ve got 27 smart and budget-friendly studio apartment room divider ideas that’ll transform your studio into a multi-functional haven.

Ready to make your studio work harder for you? Let’s divide and conquer 🚀✨

Key Takeaways
  • Room dividers can create separate spaces.
  • Bookshelves used as room dividers can help maximize space and provide extra storage.
  • Some room dividers can be made inexpensively.
  • Strategic furniture pieces can act as a divider in a space.
  • There are room dividers that can be used as artwork.

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What is a room divider?

A way to split or divide a room either physically or visually.

According to Wikipedia, A room divider is a screen or piece of furniture placed in a way that divides a room into separate areas.

Why Divide a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are known for their open floor plans, combining all living, dining, and sleeping areas into one space.

The problem is that one big space can be overwhelming to design in. 

While this layout can be great for minimalist living, it may lack privacy and make creating separate zones for different activities difficult. 

Dividing your studio apartment can transform into a multi-functional space with distinct:

  • Sleeping
  • Working
  • Living
  • Entertaining Areas

5 things to consider when choosing a room divider

1. Decide on a Budget 💰

Set a budget to narrow down your options.

If you are working with a small budget, you may need something more DIY or multi-use to divide the space.

2. Landlord’s Rules

Check with your landlord about what you can attach to walls or ceilings.

Are you allowed to use nails, or do you have to use something like command strips?

3. Multi-Functional Dividers

Consider if you want the divider to serve an additional purpose like storage or a bookshelf as a way to create those separate spaces.

4. Portability

Do you need something lightweight to store away or move frequently?

Do you need a divider that fits in a certain spot when not in use, like under the bed or as a piece of artwork?

5. Airflow in the Space

Consider how the air flows in the space and how a divider will impact the airflow.

You may need something more lightweight.

27 studio apartment room divider ideas

Dividers are a great way to break up your space and make a studio space feel more cozy.

Erin Hybart Headshot

You can transform a studio apartment into multiple spaces with creativity and a little vision. 

– Erin Hybart, Small Space Enthusiast

1. Refurbished Window Screens


Grab some old screens, give them a fresh look, and use them to break up your room. It’s a breezy way to divide the space and add a bit of charm.

Combine a few to make a larger divider.

💰 Tip to save: Visit discount stores or garage sales to find really cheap screens.

2. Refurbished windows

Clean up old windows and line them up to separate your area. It’s like having see-through walls that add a vintage vibe.

You can opt to attach them or let them hang individually.

3. Using a Foldable Screen to Divide Space

Cherry Blossom room divider as art
screen room divider

Foldable dividers are a classic and practical choice for dividing a studio room.

These portable and lightweight room dividers can be easily folded and stored when not in use. 

Choose a screen that complements your decor and place it strategically to create distinct living and sleeping zones.

💡Creative Tip: Opt for a screen that can be hung on the wall when not used. You can use the screen as a piece of artwork. 

4. Using Bamboo Dividers for a Natural Look

bamboo room divider

Bamboo dividers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a natural and eco-friendly room divider. 

These lightweight screens add a touch of elegance and create a sense of privacy in your studio apartment.

Their natural texture and earthy tones bring your space a calming and tranquil vibe.

5. Using Shutters as Dividers


For a unique and stylish room divider, consider using shutters. Shutters – yep.

There are so many partition wall ideas utilizing shutters. 

These versatile dividers can be adjusted to control the amount of light and airflow in your studio apartment.

Whether you opt for vintage wooden shutters or metal ones for a more modern room. They will add a touch of sophistication and charm to your living space.

💰 Tip to save: Find used shutters at garage sales or reclaimed furniture stores to save some dough.

doors as room divider

💡Creative Tip: To create the look of shutters, buy 2-3 reclaimed doors and add hinges to combine them into a folding divider. Add wood shelves to the doors to display decor.

6. Utilizing Bookcases as Room Dividers

bookcase to divide room

Bookcases are great for storage and serve as excellent room dividers to create a sense of separation from the rest of the space.

Choose a bookcase with open shelves or one with open and closed compartments to balance dividing your space and providing storage space. 

Display your favorite books and decorative items to add personality and character to each side of the bookcase.

💡Creative Tip: If the bookshelf is closed, add interesting wallpaper to the back of the bookshelf to add color and texture. 

7. Creating a Shelf Wall to Separate Areas


Consider building a shelf wall to create a more substantial division between different areas in your studio apartment.

This solution involves installing a tall shelving unit from floor to ceiling or a free-standing unit to separate your living and sleeping areas. 

8. Using a Clothing Rack as a Divider

clothing rack room divider

Install a sturdy clothing rack in the middle of your studio apartment to create a visual separation between your living and bedroom areas. This could create the visual effect of a small walk-in closet space.

Opt to put two clothing racks at the foot of the bed to create a faux wall. 

💰 Tip to save: You could find a dresser and add wheels to it. Remove the doors for an open look.

9. Adding a Custom Headboard and Desk Combination

headboard with desk

Create the illusion of a bedroom by adding a custom headboard and desk combination piece.

This is an easy way to partition a studio apartment because the divider could be floor-to-ceiling.

Build a large headboard that spans the width of your bed and extends to the ceiling.

Attach a floating desk to the other side, creating a visual separation between your bed area and workspace.

💡Creative Tip: Add shelves to the custom headboard on each side to display items.

10. Incorporating Plants as Natural Dividers

plant divider

Adding plants to your apartment may be the next best thing to enhance the aesthetics and act as a natural divider. 

Strategically place large potted plants or tall planters to create visual boundaries and separate your bedroom space from the rest of your home. 

Not only will they provide privacy, but they will also freshen up the air and add a touch of nature throughout the space.

11. Using a glass room divider to Allow Natural Light


If you want to maintain an open and airy feel, consider using glass partitions.

These transparent dividers allow natural light to flow through your space, making it feel more spacious while creating separate zones.

Frosted or textured glass can provide extra privacy without blocking light.

💡Creative Tip: Utilize plexiglass instead of glass and opt to add a textured window sticker to add inexpensive privacy

12. Utilize a loft bed or Murphy Bed

Items such as loft beds or Murphy Beds can create the sense of an extra room.

The area under a loft bed can be used for a cozy nook or office space, while a Murphy Bed can be folded when not in use. 

Chest Beds have become another option to store a bed when not in use.

13. A blanket ladder

blanket ladder amazon

Add a blanket ladder to hang beautiful blankets or your favorite quilt. It’s a cool way to show off your style and split your space.

💰 Tip to save: You could definitely do this DIY with reclaimed ladders.

14. Add a closed bookcase divider

Use a bookcase as a divider. It’s smart because you get to hide your stuff and mark off different areas simultaneously.

This picture shows closed bookcases, which have been taken up a notch and put on wheels to serve as a door to the space.

💡Creative Tip: Add wallpaper to the back of the bookcase to serve as artwork.

15. add color to define a space

Splash some color around to break up your room. It’s an easy trick to make one area stand out from another without building walls.

16. Use the vertical space and hang shelves from the ceiling

Ceiling Mount Industrial Black Iron Pipe 3 Layer Kitchen Storage Shelf

Use your ceiling to hang shelves. It’s a neat way to store things up high and free up some floor space. The shelves mount to the ceiling and usually leave the bottom space open.

This idea could be paired with a dresser or other piece of furniture for more coverage.

17. add a set of tie-back curtains to Create a wall

Room divider Painters Drop cloth
Image Source: Pinterest

Throw in some curtains that you can tie back. They’re great for when you want to switch from open and airy to cozy and private.

18. add an island on wheels

Kitchen Island with Drop-Leaf Breakfast Bar, 53" Width Kitchen Cart on 5 Universal Wheels with Rubberwood Top, Storage Cabinet, 3 Drawers, and Spice Rack for Dinning Room, White

Get an island you can move around. It’s perfect for extra counter space, and you can push it out of the way when needed.

19. use the sofa as a room anchor

A Cozy Living Room with Green Couch

Put your sofa in the middle to split your living and sleeping spots. It’s a simple move that really changes up the room’s vibe.

20. strategically placed rug

White Comforter On Maters Bedroom

Lay down a rug to define your space. It pulls everything together and clearly shows where the living area is.

21. A Curtain on a Ceiling Track

curtain on ceiling track ikea

Install a ceiling track and hang curtains to create room partitions that can be easily opened or closed.

A curtain partition separates the living room and sleeping space when the curtain is closed.  

The curtain track can be hung between the living and sleeping spaces, acting as a room divider or temporary wall. 

💰 Tip to save: If you have high ceilings, opt for a painter’s tarp, which comes in long lengths at a fraction of the cost of longer curtains. 

22. Curtains as Dividers Around the Bed

curtains around bed from mattressnut com

Install a curtain rod above your bed and hang floor-to-ceiling curtains on either side to create a private, intimate sleeping space.

This simple solution adds privacy when needed.

💰 Tip to save: Buy bed sheets and make your own curtains.

23. sliding doors or barn doors


Slide or swing a door to change up your space in seconds. It’s like having a moving wall, which is also a cool feature.

24. Fabric waterfall

Hang strips of fabric from the ceiling for a soft, dreamy divider. It’s like walking through a curtain of color.

25. Old CDs, Records or DVD Wall

Hang old CDs, records, or DVDs from strings at different heights to create a shimmering room divider.

The light reflecting off the discs can add a magical touch to your space.

26. Rope wall

String up a bunch of ropes from floor to ceiling. It’s a simple way to split a room and still let light through.

27. painted cardboard

Cut cardboard into shapes, paint them any color you like, and hang them with fishing lines and hooks.

You can print templates from the web and use an exacto knife to get crisp edges. It’s art that divides your space on the super cheap.

You can even make your cardboard look like wood. This is an easy and cheap way to get creative

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Final Thoughts

When you live in a small studio apartment, the key is maximizing the available space while creating distinct areas. 

Don’t be afraid to explore divider options that align with your style and cater to your needs.

The studio apartment right room divider can take an open space and create a more cozy space to call your own. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to make a room divider?

The cheapest way to make a room divider is to utilize curtains or foldable screens. These options are affordable, easy to install, and offer versatility in dividing your space.

How do you split a studio into two rooms?

To create distinct living and sleeping zones, you can split a studio apartment into two rooms using furniture dividers such as bookcases, shelving units, curtains, or partitions.

How do you get privacy in a studio?

You can utilize curtains, folding screens, or glass partitions in a studio apartment for privacy. These dividers create visual separation while allowing for natural light and airflow.

Does a studio have a separate bedroom?

A studio apartment typically does not have a separate bedroom. However, by utilizing room dividers, you can create the illusion of separate living and sleeping areas.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to divide a room?

The easiest and cheapest way to divide a room is to utilize curtains or folding screens. These options are portable, affordable, and can be adjusted to create separate zones.

How do you make a homemade divider?

You can make a homemade room divider with fabric, wood, or cardboard. Create a frame or structure and attach your chosen material to create a custom-made divider.

How to make a bedroom in a studio apartment?

To make a bedroom in a studio apartment, you can use curtains, dividers, or furniture arrangements to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the living space. A large headboard or custom-built structure can help define the bedroom area.

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