Think small spaces mean compromising on comfort? Think again! Discover beds that maximize every inch. It is no secret living in a small space can be challenging.

Even a small bedroom can be a headache.

Spaces like studio apartments, micro-apartments, or tiny houses are small. Most get into them because they are more affordable.

You need to fit everything you need and still be able to function.

There is one key item that will help.

The right bed

Not just any bed. This bed has to be comfortable for a good night sleep and sturdy enough for an actual grownup to use it. No one wants to worry about if their bed will collapse in the middle of the night.

If you are in a smaller space because it is cheaper, you probably don’t have a ton of money to spend on a space-saving bed either.

We got ya covered!

I have purchased loft beds, bunk beds, and day beds. All off the internet. Needless to say, I have spent too many hours comparing the smallest details about them.

Keep reading to find the best beds for studio apartments that will make your pocketbook happy.

the impressors

🏆 Best Bed Picks🏆


ikalido Metal Loft Bed Amazon

iKalado Metal
Loft Bed

Buy Now


Max Lily Twin High Loft Bed with Bookcase and Desk Medium

Max & Lilly


Loft Bed with Desk%2C Cabinets%2C Drawers and Bedside Tray%2C Charging Station

Loft Bed
with Desk


Upholstered daybed with Two Drawers



Hamilton Traditional Wood Murphy Bed Chest with Charging Station




Signature Sleep
Murphy Bed


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1. Twin-Size ikalido Metal Loft Bed

ikalido Metal Loft Bed Amazon


The loft-style design only takes up a little space and makes your room look less crowded. The space underneath is open and flexible. Offered in a matte white.

  • Headspace under Loft: 58.7 inches (not quite 5 feet)
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

Key Benefits

  • Metal frame makes it easy to move
  • Full-length guardrail for safety
  • Modern design

Product Pros

  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Assembly
  • Sleek looking
  • Modern Style

Product Cons

  • Only available in Twin bed size
  • The ladder could be hard on the feet
  • The Ladder angle could be hard for some

Overall Thoughts 💡

This option is fantastic because it is just the bed without any fixed desk or shelves. You can really customize the space beneath for what you need. The design is simple so should coordinate well with other furnishings.

2. Twin-Size Knamotl Metal Twin Loft Bed

Knamotl metal twin bed


The loft-style design only takes up a little space and makes your room look less crowded. Offered in a matte black with a built-in desk and shelving.

  • Headspace under Loft: About 60 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

Key Benefits 

  • Desk & Shelf space built-in
  • Full-length guardrail for safety
  • Modern design

Product Pros

  • Two Ladders for Flexiblity
  • Easy Assembly
  • Built-in Desk & Shelves

Product Cons

  • Only available in Twin bed size
  • The ladder could be hard on the feet
  • No reviews

Overall Thoughts 💡

It is pretty sleek and lightweight, so it can easily be moved. The workspace underneath is great for some multi-purpose use. The bed doesn’t take up too much space. The double ladders allow flexibility in positioning the bed in the room. You could even utilize the unused ladder for blankets or hanging storage. I think this definently deserves to be on the list of Best Beds for Studio Apartments.

3. Twin-Size Joliette 72″ Bed – Wayfair

Joliette bed frame


The space-saving bed allows you to use the space and make your living space look less crowded. The metal frame can hold up to 400 lbs. A built-in desk and shelves allow you to organize your workspace.

  • Headspace under Loft: 58.1” (less than 5 feet)
  • Bed Frame Weight capacity: 400 lbs

Key Benefits

  • Full-length guardrail for safety
  • Built-in ladder design
  • Shipping is free and fast
  • Flexible payments available

Product Pros

  • No box spring required
  • Over 70 reviews
  • 5-year warranty available

Product Cons

  • Only available in twin bed size
  • Only in Black
  • Can not move the ladder

Overall Thoughts 💡

This bed is a budget-friendly option with a built-in desk and shelves. This may replace any office nook or extra shelves you need. This bed is only for one person, so it wouldn’t be a good fit if you need space for two. The ladder is also attached, so room layout should be considered.

Tip: The wood accent looks cheap – I like the idea of them, just not the materials used. I would paint them a fun color instead and add a few coats of a matte clear coat.


4. Twin-Size Max and Lily Twin Bed with Bookcase and Desk

Max-&-Lily-Twin-High-Loft-Bed-with-Bookcase-and-Desk Medium


This functional and fun loft bed has a desk, built-in storage shelves, and space for another activity. It also has a full 14″ tall guardrail for safety.

The shelves and desk are reversible. The ladder can also be attached on the left or right.

  • Headspace under Loft: 51 1/2 inches (a little over 4 feet)
  • Bed Frame Weight capacity: 400 lbs

Key Benefits

  • Three color options
  • Free shipping, flexible payments, quick delivery
  • 5-year warranty available
  • This bed is made from solid knot-free New Zealand pine wood, so you know it is strong and stable.

Product Pros

  • Shelves and extra space underneath
  • Reversible Shelves
  • Non-slip steps
  • Ladder is easier to use

Product Cons

  • It only comes in twin bed size
  • Headroom under the bed is limited
  • It is a bit plain for some

Overall Thoughts 💡

Don’t be scared by the picture’s childish feel (it is better for marketing, we get it). This desk can serve four functions. It has open shelving (baskets to hide stuff if needed, a built-in desk, and room for another activity.

The desk and shelves are also reversible, so this option is very flexible. You could make the extra space below a pet space, more storage, or a reading nook.

If you attach the ladder on the same side as the shelves, the space would be open enough for a decent-sized TV.

5. Full-Size Loft Bed with Desk

image 101000900 13516709? Bed with Desk%252C Cabinets%252C Drawers and Bedside Tray%252C Charging Station


This wooden full-size loft bed has a built-in desk, four drawers, and four shelves for storage. Don’t forget about the two plug outlets and two built-in USB chargers. You can fit two people in the bed, and there is a small bedside table (perfect place for your phone).

  •  Headspace under Loft: 54 inches (about 4 1/2 feet)
  •  Bed Frame Weight capacity: 600 lbs

Key Benefits

  • Shipping is free and Delivery is quick
  • Flexible payments available
  • Easy returns
  • Offers extra sleeping room or space for two people

Product Pros

  • Instant workspace with built-in desk
  • 2 attached USB ports and plugs
  • Built-in bedside table
  • Drawers are easy to access

Product Cons

  • Ladder may be hard to use
  • The wood frame could be harder to move around
  • The Workspace height could be limiting

Overall Thoughts 💡

I am a personal fan of a full-size bed for one person, but if I needed space for another, it would be available because this bed can hold 600 lbs. Loft beds that hold mattresses bigger than a twin are less common.

I also like having all types of storage options and workspace.

Tip: Since the frame can hold a full-size mattress, the workspace could get dark. I can envision this unit with an LED light string to bring more light underneath.

6. Twin-size Upholstered Daybed with Two Drawers

image 101000900 13516709? daybed with Two Drawers


This daybed will double as a sofa during the daytime for a great compact living solution. The fabric is upholstered and has rivet accents. There are drawers for some storage. This piece will go well with any color scheme.

The color is just right if you have some 4-legged family members that take over your space and shed easily. (I personally selected furniture for this reason 😆)

  • Holds a twin-sized mattress
  • Bed Frame Weight capacity: 400 lbs

Key Benefits

  • Shipping is free
  • Delivery is quick
  • Flexible payment

Product Pros

  • Functions as a sofa during the day
  • Drawers are easy to access
  • Neutral color to match any decor

Product Cons

  • Only available in one color
  • The back is short, so you will need pillows for back support
  • There is not a ton of storage

Overall Thoughts 💡

This is a simple daybed that can function as a seat during the day. Because the piece is twin-size deep, be ready for your feet not to touch the ground. (It is a constant problem for short people anyway). The storage is very minimal but I don’t think this bed is bought for storage. The tufted back and rivet accent give the piece some interest and texture.

7. Twin XL Hamilton Murphy Bed Chest with Storage Drawer and Built-In Charger

image 101000900 13516709? Traditional Wood Murphy Bed Chest with Charging Station


This unique option folds up compact to serve as a side table to display items. This bed comes in Twin XL, full or queen-size, so you have a lot of options. You even have some color selections.

The piece does not look like a bed when folded. The handy charger port is an added convenience. With this piece, the mattress is included! This bed could take the place of a folding bed for a guest use too.

  • Projection from Wall: 80 inches (when unfolded)
  • Bed Frame Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Key Benefits

  • Shipping is free and delivery is quick
  • Space to display items
  • Protection plan available
  • Has a lot of reviews

Product Pros

  • Full & Queen-size available
  • Mattress is included
  • Folds away to look like a dresser

Product Cons

  • It is a bit plain and top could easily scratch
  • Mattress is only 6 inches
  • Can’t easily access the drawer when bed is unfolded

Overall Thoughts 💡

I really like this option for so many reasons. It will fit well in a compact space and not even look like a bed when folded up. The frame seems sturdy when unfolded and the drawer does offer some storage.

I like that the top will fold in half to make more room for your head, but then you have to move any display items. I would opt to leave it unfolded and perhaps even add some LED lights to create mood lighting.

Since this bed also has a Twin XL option, the tall people are taken care of.

Tip: One review mentioned the top easily scratching. It may be wise to add a clear coat to the top just to protect it even more.

8. Full-Size Granvel Loft Bed by Harriet Bee – Wayfair

Granvel full 2 drawer


This bed is made from a solid pine wood frame so you know it is durable. The wardrobe provides hanging clothes storage, and there is a workspace.

  • Headspace under Loft: 50.4 inches (a little over 4 feet)
  • Bed Frame Weight capacity: 600 lbs

Key Benefits 

  • Shipping is free
  • Delivery is quick
  • Flexible payment
  • Weight capacity 600 lbs (big yay!)
  • Built-in desk for a workspace
  • A 5-year protection plan is available

Product Pros

  • 3 colors to choose
  • Workspace with built-in desk
  • The drawers are easy to access
  • Extra wardrobe storage

Product Cons

  • The ladder has minimal room for toes
  • Workspace may feel cramped
  • The shelf in the workspace could be limiting

Overall Thoughts 💡

This one is a winner in my book. You not only get out of just a twin-sized option, but if you want to sleep two adults, you also have a 600 lb weight limit, which is a massive plus in my book.

The ladder is my least favorite part of the bed, which only gives you a few inches since it is attached to the frame.

I think this definitely deserves to be on the list of Best Beds for Studio Apartments.


9. Full-Size Signature Sleep Pinnacle Wall Bed

image 101000900 13516709? Sleep Pinnacle Wall Bed


The full-size Murphy bed option is a well-built and straightforward option to save space. The bed has a unique geometric wood grain pattern that is a focal piece when folded up.

The bed folds down with a dual-piston so one person can easily unfold it so you won’t need a friend to help you.

  • Projection from Wall: 85″ (when folded down)
  • Bed Frame Weight Capacity: 600 lbs

Key Benefits

  • Takes up minimal space when folded up
  • Can fit two people
  • Free shipping
  • Queen-size is available

Product Pros

  • Different wood options
  • Queen-size also available
  • Can fit two people
  • Doesn’t look like a bed when folded

Product Cons

  • No optional storage
  • Requires Two to put together
  • Professional installation suggested

Overall Thoughts 💡

Murphy beds are straightforward for someone who only needs a sleeping space. The simplicity of the design makes it feel very modern.

This bed comes in full-size or queen-size and different wood colors. I like the wood pattern on the front because it gives it interest.

I prefer the lighter color wood grain. This would make a fantastic option in a guest bedroom also!

10. Full-Size Signature Sleep Paramount Murphy Bed


This bed and two matching side cabinets give you a beautiful solution to your compact living dilemma. The folding mechanism with dual-piston action is designed so that one person can easily open or close the bed when needed.

Wooden mattress support slats prevent sagging over time, so you know this thing will last for years.

  • Projection from wall: 82 inches (when unfolded)
  • Bed Frame Weight Capacity: NA

Key Benefits

  • Shipping is free
  • Delivery is quick
  • Flexible payment
  • Open and closed storage

Product Pros

  • Ample storage available
  • Closed storage to hide things
  • Durable
  • Available in Queen size

Product Cons

  • Must be attached to 3 wall studs
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Style may feel basic to some

Overall Thoughts 💡

This is a budget-friendly option with extra storage, a plus for smaller spaces or a studio apartment. It folds up nicely for a clean-looking regular piece of furniture.

The opportunity to upgrade to a Queen is a plus to allow for more space for two adults.

Tip: If the style feels too basic when folded up, add some wallpaper to add interest to the panel that folds down.


11. Majestic Library Bed: Supreme – Murphy Bed Depot 

library bed closed
Majestic Library Bed- Supreme 1


This Library bed with doors has four bookcases offering a ton of storage. Two of the bookcases function as sliding doors to reveal the bed. Each bed system is made to order and custom-designed to fit your needs and preferences.

You can truly customize this piece and get a great warranty.

  • Projection from wall: 27 inches (when folded up)
  • Overall Product Weight: The entire cabinet, including the frame weighs over 1000 lbs
  • Bed Frame Weight Capacity: 250 pounds per user (2 person max for Full – King)

Watch how the Bed is hidden in the cabinet.

Key Benefits 

  • Cabinet door style (smooth panel, raised panel, shaker style)
  • Extra storage from the sliding bookcases
  • Closed storage and open storage
  • Flexible payments
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Optional LED lights

Product Pros

  • Backless shelves allow a custom peek through color
  • Doesn’t look like a bed
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Lots of storage & display area
  • Installation videos available

Product Cons

  • Customizations can add up
  • Shipping takes several weeks
  • The wall space needed may limit furniture arrangement
  • Bookcases are not deep

Overall Thoughts 💡

I am in love with this piece. Yes, it is the most expensive, but that is because it is custom-made, so you know it will last. You can customize the piece to really fit into your space.

This piece is a bed without looking like a bed and works so well in the room, so who would know there is a bed in your room? There is so much functionality to utilize.

Tip: I would use the open space behind the shelves to add a pop of color, either with paint or a thin wallpapered backer board, adding even more customization.

What are the best beds for studio apartments?

No matter what you call your small living space, it’s still tiny, and you have to create the illusion of more space. No worries!

There are several bed options for a studio apartment, and we will look at the best beds for small spaces. The top choices are the Loft Bed and the Murphy bed.

Loft Beds vs. Murphy Beds

More budget friendlyUsually can hold more weight
No need to attach to the wall
(optional, for more support)
Takes up less floor space when stored
Typically lighter in weightFull, Queen, and King options are available
Can create the illusion of a bedroomCan add style when stored

Loft Bed

The loft bed is typically elevated off the ground, allowing you to use the space beneath the bed for storage or as a living space by taking full advantage of the room’s vertical space.

There is also the illusion of a separate sleeping space. Loft beds are also popular choices for dorm rooms and micro-apartments

Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed folds into the wall when not in use, saving valuable floor space. It takes up less living space with a typical depth of less than 24 inches.

This bed is a popular option for those living in a shipping container home or tiny home.

Other Options

A few more options that did not make the cut were:

  • Sofa beds
  • Daybed
  • Storage bed with drawers underneath
  • Raised platform bed with a raisable mattress
  • A storable folding bed

They have their place but did not get on my full-time use list – Trust me! I slept on a sofa-turned-bed in an RV while waiting for a house to be built, and let’s say I was glad I was in my 20s when I did it. 

My Search Journey

To prepare for the article, I searched dozens of websites and looked at more beds than I could count. Some options are out there, and you can go down a rabbit hole.

You can find yourself with 50 tabs open of all these different types of beds! 

I even saw some of the same beds on different websites for hundreds of dollars with a difference in price. You can guarantee I selected the more affordable one to share with you.

I had some criteria for the bed after owning it (I purchased it online!) or sleeping in a few of these beds myself.

  • Had to hold at least 300 lbs (on the loft beds)
  • It had to be something I would purchase myself
  • I would feel comfortable using it on a long-term basis

How the Beds on the list made the cut

With the numerous options available on the market, our decisions were made based on these highly recommended considerations:

  • Space-saving bed
  • Price & Quality – It had to be something I would purchase
  • Shipping/Delivery time were considered
  • Weight capacity – at least 300 lbs weight capacity on the top bunk (if loft bed)
  • The basic overall style and first impression


Spaces like tiny houses, studio apartments, micro-apartments are growing in popularity among millennials and baby boomers. Space is tight, Money is tight, and we all need a good night’s sleep.

When selecting the best bed, you want it to add personality and not cramp your style. The right bed can save space and transform a studio apartment into a cozy, stylish home. In the end, the right bed may be the key. 🔑

Overall, the best beds for studio apartments offer a perfect blend of style, functionality, and space-saving solutions. Choosing the right bed for your needs can make your tiny apartment feel more spacious, organized, and inviting.

Now you know the Best Beds for Studio Apartments to Maximize Space and Function, so explore these options to transform your studio apartment into a practical and stylish haven.

Have a great bed in your Small Space? Email it to us so we can showcase it. ([email protected])

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bed options for a studio apartment?

You may consider Loft beds, Beds with Storage, Murphy Beds, Daybeds, Murphy Bed Cabinets, or a bed with a mattress that can raise (with storage).

Where do you put your bed in a studio apartment?

A common to place the bed is against a wall to maximize space. This allows for better flow and utilization of the rest of the space.

What is a storage bed?

Ikea platform bed with storage

A storage bed has built-in storage space underneath the mattress, which saves space and organizes your belongings.

What is a full loft bed?


A full loft bed includes a full-size bed on top and a space underneath for a desk, storage, or seating.

What is a wall bed?

Murphy Bed

It is also known as a Murphy bed, which can be folded into a cabinet or wall when not in use. This saves space and adds versatility to the room.

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