If you’re considering a new home, the Clayton Homes Red Tag Clearance Sale is an event not to be missed. 

I get it. Money it tight and housing is at a premium. No Worries!

I am all about helping you find your perfect home and get the best deal. I learned so much when I was shopping for my own modular home.

This sale provides potential homeowners an excellent opportunity to purchase high-quality manufactured and modular homes at significantly reduced prices. 

This guide walks you through what the Clayton Homes Red Tag Clearance Sale entails and when it typically occurs. Let’s do this!

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Understanding the Clayton Homes Red Tag Clearance Sale

The Clayton Homes Red Tag Clearance Sale is like a Black Friday for houses. It’s the perfect chance to score a sweet deal on a manufactured or modular home.

What is the Clayton Homes Clearance Sale?

This sale is like a clearance rack for homes. They offer hefty discounts on select single- and double-wide mobile home models to make room for new ones.

clayton homes red tag sale

Local Dealerships

Ready to go to the Clayton Homes Clearance Sale?

Your local center is your secret weapon during this sale. The staff there know everything about manufactured and modular homes.

They’ll walk you through floor plans, sizes, prices, and more. With their expertise, you can feel confident in making an educated decision.

When does it typically occur?

Typically, the sale occurs at the end of a year or the beginning of spring. Keep an eye on Clayton Home’s website or sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop.

Many of the locations of local home centers I checked are hosting their sale during the summer.

Why Buy During the Clayton Homes Clearance Sale?

Besides saving BIG BUCKS, single-wide mobile homes, in particular, are an alternative option to beat the housing affordability issues the world is experiencing.

If getting the most bang for the buck was your goal, this event will surely help you.

At the sale, you’ll find both manufactured homes and modular homes.

Manufactured homes are built in factories under federal building codes, while modular homes are constructed in factory sections and assembled on-site following local building codes.

Customization possibilities

Not just opting between manufactured and modular houses, you can customize your selection to fit your individual preferences.

From floor plans to finishes, Clayton Homes offers numerous optional home features. So, even during a sales event, you can still make your new house feel like home.

You can use the interactive floor plan on the website to see the available features of your home.

Where to Check out Clayton Home Options

Start by checking out the Clayton Homes website.

There are several home series to choose from and homes in various budgets. They’ve got all the details and pictures for each home on sale. I love the 3D tours.

There is a customer portal to guide you through a personal journey to find homes based on the information you input.

There is also some valuable information on tips on the home buying process, the home center experience, and steps in completing your home purchase.

Here are all the features you can choose from in your mobile home.

Custom options


Financing Your home

Don’t let financing scare you—Clayton Homes partners with Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance and other financial institutions to offer various financing options.

Financing Options Offered by Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance

Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance has your back with flexible loan terms that fit your budget. Short-term or long-term, they’ve got it all. Plus, their competitive interest rates can save you some serious cash.

Benefits Associated With Each Option

  • Flexible repayment terms: Choose a payment schedule for your income flow.
  • Affordable interest rates: Lower monthly payments and overall borrowing costs? Yes, please.
  • Simplified application process: Applying for these loans is a breeze, making it easier for prospective homeowners during this sales event.

Understanding these financing options will make buying a house at this sales event a piece of cake. Make an informed decision and enjoy your new home.

Curious what your Mortgage would be?

PLEASE NOTE: The results from the calculator are only estimates. There are additional costs to buying a home that may not be reflected in this calculator. Always compare loan offers you may receive before making your decision.

Take a look at the great options I found!


Erins favorite


4 bedroom under 10000


4 bedroom single wide mobile home

What to expect from the local Home center

The staff at the Local Home Center will be able to help you along your home-buying journey. Here is what you can expect in the home-buying process.


It all starts with a visit to your local Clayton Home Showroom. Here is what to expect when you get there.

It is no secret that housing is becoming less and less affordable each year. Since housing is such a big expense, finding a way to save money is key!


Where dreams of affordable, high-quality homes come true!

The Clayton Homes Red Tag Clearance Sale offers a remarkable savings opportunity. Clayton Homes staff offer an easy buying process to help you navigate through homes and explore custom options. 

Take advantage of this incredible event. Get and head out the door to your local Clayton Home Showroom.

Imagine you could be in your new home in a few weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I negotiate for a manufactured home?

You may not be able to get it at 50% off, but the company is a business and wants to make money. 😉 I sure as heck would!

Do mobile homes have good resale value?

Mobile home resale value depends on location, condition, and market demand. Some homes hold value well, while others depreciate.

Does Clayton Homes sell modular homes?

Is a Mobile home the same as a manufactured home?

The word Mobile home refers to those structures built before 1976.

Is there a Clayton Homes near me?

There are over 700 locations across the United States. Find a Clayton Homes near you.

Can I save a lot of money at the Clayton Homes Clearance Sale?

It is best to contact a local dealer to see the models offered during the event. My guess is YES! It wouldn’t be a thing if it were not a great way to save money!

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